Day 16 – Travelling to Melbourne and Lots More

Today saw us saying goodbye to Cairns as we headed off to Melbourne. Cairns is an amazing city, small in terms of population but large in character and full of great opportunities and brilliant  people. If you’re young and keen to develop your hockey, as a coach or a player, it’s a great place to go. Indeed that’s true of everywhere we’ve been and everyone we’ve met. Sadly we aren’t young else we’d be tempted!

Our flight to Melbourne took 3.5 hours and dusk was falling as we arrived. So it’s a quite night in, (and maybe a cold beer) before an early start tomorrow to meet with Hockey Australia.

Switching on my iPad when I got to our room I found:

New contacts from both Belgium and Argentina

Contact from a sponsor of Hockey Australia and Hockey New Zealand

And part of a promotional video put together by Cairns HA featuring our very own Bromsgrove stars!


1 thought on “Day 16 – Travelling to Melbourne and Lots More

  1. The response you have received on your travels has been wonderful and for Bromsgrove players to be used in promotional video is amazing. You’re both doing a brilliant job promoting the sport; just glad you’re able to enjoy some personal quality time too. See you back home soon.


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