Personal Stories

Below you will discover a collection of stories from people who have taken up Walking Hockey. We hope you enjoy reading them and are as inspired as we are by them.

Ann – My Walking Hockey journey.


In August 2015 l was diagnosed with Myeloma (cancer of plasma cells in bone marrow). Following induction treatment l was admitted into Queen Elizabeth hospital April 2016 for bone marrow transplant. This was pretty full on and l experienced some very dark times as my body coped with the trauma and side effects of the procedure.

However, l was determined to stay positive and do everything l could to help me remain that way. This is where my Walking Hockey journey begins. I was a keen hockey player in my youth and when l saw the article in the local newspaper about this new initiative, l decided to give it a go – and lve never looked back. I LOVE it! It has helped improve my stamina, lve met some lovely people and it’s such great fun and great form of exercise.

I would encourage anyone to give it a go: you certainly will not regret it believe me, its brilliant!

Liz – Walking Back To Hockey.

liz-morrisI’ve always enjoyed playing sport and regularly played hockey well into my 30’s, initially for Birmingham Municipal and then for a team in Sutton .Working full time and raising a family meant that there was less time at weekends to pursue sporting interests .After a gap of over 20 years and with the family grown up , it seemed the ideal time to look and see what sports activities were on offer in the local community.
I looked on the website for Bromsgrove Hockey Club and noticed that a ‘Back to Hockey’ scheme was being launched. I went along to the first session and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities ;the skills and drills but wondered whether there was a slightly more gentle version of the game as I very much wanted to continue.
I emailed Alan to see if there was such a thing as ‘Walking Hockey’. Alan was very enthusiastic, looking at all the development opportunities and this resulted in a hugely successful pilot project. The sessions are a perfect mix of ‘walk and talk’, drills and small games and cater for both ex-hockey players and people new to the sport .Everyone is very friendly and there are people of all ages attending so it’s an excellent way of improving fitness and meeting new people.
Liz Morris

Tim Joinson – Retired Player Finds A Way To Play Again


I last played hockey in about 1990. The game was speeding up as Astro turf pitches became more common and as my legs were slowing down. Family and other interests took over and the sticks were hung up in the back of the garage. However, more recently the urge to hit a hockey ball with a stick has been resurfacing. On holiday I would find myself knocking a pebble along a beach, and last summer I was enthralled by the skills of the British women’s team in Rio. However, I knew that I did not have the fitness or stamina to play a full game of field hockey, even in the back line. It seemed that the odds were very much against picking up a hockey stick again in earnest.
Then in January 2017 I saw an article in the local paper about an initiative to start Walking Hockey at my local club, where I had played all those years before. A free taster session was on offer, so I just had to give it a try. I had no sports kit just a pair of tatty trainers, so I turned up in jeans and a fleece. Sticks were available to borrow and balls were also supplied. We started with some training, warm ups and practice before having a quick match. It was great fun and good exercise, but any skills I may have had were extremely rusty. Most others were in the same situation or had never played before, so there was time to brush up the stick skills. Ball control came back fairly easily, but reaction times will take much longer to hone. Physically the game is not demanding, but it provides a good workout for the legs and lungs. Although only walking pace there is plenty of stretching and reaching to be done. Despite this I only felt a twinge in a leg muscle in one session. My own fault for not warming up a bit more! One forgets that warming up is a must as the body gets a bit older.
So after a month I am already feeling fitter and each week find I am looking forward to the next session.


Thank you both for another amazing session last night.

I am so sorry that I burst out into a run – I really cannot understand it as I haven’t been able to run for several years due to damaged knees etc.

It got me thinking.

I don’t do any really competitive sport now – golf, but that doesn’t involve rushing around. I ski, but only with my peer group so we don’t do anything too challenging now.

But get me on the hockey field with opposition and I am rejuvenated and  spurred on  to getting the ball from the opposition, and all aches and pains are banished  by the adrenaline rush.

It is very exhilarating.

I would recommend it to anyone!