Who did it appeal too?

Where do we start?

Listed below is what I managed to glean by individually welcoming everyone to our first Walking Hockey session and thus gaining a bit of background information about them:


  • Two people, one male, one female over 70 who had never played before and some over 60’s too who also had never played.
  • The group of Slimming World girls.
  • Two girls in their 30’s who had to stop full on sport due to injury.
  • Several existing men and lady Back To Hockey players.
  • Four ladies who had been Back To members several years ago who wanted something more gentle so came back to Walking Hockey.
  • One elderly lady who is currently undertaking cancer treatment.
  • One former cancer patient who wanted the exercise Walking Hockey can give as well as the opportunity to make friends.
  • The lady who initially asked me to investigate the project.
  • Three former male players who had stopped playing many years ago.
  • Several people who hadn’t played since school, many years ago and thought Walking Hockey would be a good way to get back into hockey.
  • An international commentator and journalist from The Hockey Paper
  • Two current players returning from injury
  • People who wanted to make new friends


And so on. It seems the appeal of Walking Hockey is pretty much universal