A Walking Hockey programme has many benefits, some apparent at the start, some emerging as you go through the sessions. These will be different at each club. Here are a few to get you started.

  • People join or come back to the hockey family when they otherwise would not have
  • The whole group builds a social and friendly environment through Walking Hockey
  • People who were lonely now have new friendships
  • People have fun
  • The club increases its membership pool
  • Some of the participants may now return to other forms of hockey
  • Public awareness of hockey is spread much wider via Walking Hockey
  • Those taking part are getting exercise which will help them.
  • Positive Public Relations for the club
  • A low cost / flexible payment membership option for the Walking Hockey participants can be developed.
  • Financial benefits will vary club by club. Our aim is to make Walking Hockey self funding and cover the cost of any equipment we may need to purchase.