Top Tips

Please feel free to Contact us for assistance with setting up a successful Walking Hockey project.

  1. Research your local market to see if there is a need or latent requirement for Walking Hockey
  2. Market Walking Hockey across all media channels regularly and in a lively and varied way
  3. Involve your local sports bodies and your National Governing Body’s local representative.
  4. Come up with a project cost model that is attractive to and affordable for participants
  5. If possible run the Walking Hockey session before a Back To or club session so people can see, if they want to, a pathway
  6. Involve other suitable club members in the launch session, choose those with good people skills
  7. Have a good supply of long hockey sticks so people do not have to bend too far – lots of our people were older and less flexible than existing players.
  8. Create a first Walking Hockey session that eases people into the sport paying particular attention to a relevant warm up and a run through key basic skills
  9. Have a coach who can relate to and communicate with participants in a lively, relaxed and friendly way.
  10. Remember that the Walking Hockey participants will have a vast range of expectations and will almost certainly be nervous and / or apprehensive. Greet them individually and create a session that is relaxed but well organized.
  11. Follow up immediately after the first session with each person to get their reaction.
  12. Communicate, communicate, communicate with each person thereafter.
  13. Listen to feedback and act accordingly.
  14. Make your Walking Hockey sessions fun
  15. Once you get to know your players arrange Walking Hockey sessions in an appropriate way, for example, group those who want a competitive session together and those who want a more relaxed fun session together