Our Walking Hockey project started back in September 2016 as a result of our latest Back To Hockey programme. We had fifty people turn up which was great. However, as with all of our Back To Hockey programmes, there was a very wide range of both age and ability. In the past those who found Back To Hockey too much dropped out after a few weeks as we had nothing else to offer them. Those that stayed have been instrumental in our club being able to run three more senior teams.

This time however something very different happened!

One of our new, older Back To Hockey ladies who found it too much, rather than simply giving up, looked around for alternatives and noticed that Nuneaton Hockey club had run a Walking Hockey programme. She got in touch with me and asked if I could look into the feasibility of doing something similar. After researching the market (via Google) and finding very little in the way of Walking Hockey, apart from a couple of examples in the U.K. and the Netherlands I decided that it was time to do some investigations to see if there was sufficient demand locally to warrant a Walking Hockey project.