Welcome to Walking Hockey


Every so often an idea comes along that fits the time, and we believe Walking Hockey is one such idea. Born out of someone wanting to keep playing but finding regular hockey too much, it has really taken off here.

On the website find out how Walking Hockey went from an idea to a reality in a few months and how it is now attracting attention across the hockey World.

We have Walking Hockey photos and videos to share and will let you see how its appeal seems universal, from teenagers to nearly octogenarians!

For starters here’s a short video clip from a recent Walking Hockey session. It’s so good to hear laughter on the pitch.

Catch Up!

It’s  been a long time since we were able to update our site so here are a few highlights:

1. The world’s first Walking Hockey Festival was held over Easter and we won it!

20E3311B-1466-4357-A55D-0EAF15A3D51B2. Our next major event was when we were invited to take part in the 2018 Hockey for Heroes Operation Endure . The event, at Old Sils Hockey Club raised £1500.

72633CD5-84F9-4BB9-A0B2-3786BD6ECA373. We have also entertained visitors from Colwall Hockey Club who will be starting their own Walking Hockey group soon.

4. Our own group continues every Monday 7-8pm.

5. Our worldwide presence continues to grow at an amazing rate with 35 countries now exploring our sport.