Quiet New Year? I don’t think so

We were looking forward to a nice break over a Christmas but some very exciting projects have raised their head.

The Netherlands  Walking Football organisation have been in touch and they want to present Walking Hockey to the Dutch Hockey Body. We’ve provided them with lots of help. Really great to hear from them.

Watch this space for some incredibly exciting news – but it’s very very secret at the moment……………….


International News Update – including the U.K.

Where to start?


UK – Walking Hockey continues to flourish in England and Wales with more clubs and organisations joining regularly.

And there’s more excitement coming your way in 2019 – but that’s a secret for now….

USA – our friends in USA Field Hockey held their first ever Walking Hockey event recently – lots more to come from over the Atlantic in 2019 !

France – Lyon Hockey Club are trialing Walking Hockey, the first  ever event in France, how exciting, just as the French National team are making such a positive impact at the World  Cup in India.

Malta – are setting up a trial too.

And we are promised more from Australia and New Zealand too soon.