We are playing at the 2018 World Cup !

Amazing news: Bromsgrove’s Walking Hockey Family, woth kotvdonated by Adidas,  are putting on an exhibition match at the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup!!

We are playing on Saturday 28 July 2018, 2.30pm-3.00pm, in the Fan Central Arena.

And just as amazingly, every spectator attending the World Cup will be given the opportunity to try Walking Hockey for themselves.

The World Cup runs from 21 July to 5 August 2018.44CE0D14-9127-4901-8574-A65C0655F4E3

Catch Up!

It’s  been a long time since we were able to update our site so here are a few highlights:

1. The world’s first Walking Hockey Festival was held over Easter and we won it!

20E3311B-1466-4357-A55D-0EAF15A3D51B2. Our next major event was when we were invited to take part in the 2018 Hockey for Heroes Operation Endure . The event, at Old Sils Hockey Club raised £1500.

72633CD5-84F9-4BB9-A0B2-3786BD6ECA373. We have also entertained visitors from Colwall Hockey Club who will be starting their own Walking Hockey group soon.

4. Our own group continues every Monday 7-8pm.

5. Our worldwide presence continues to grow at an amazing rate with 35 countries now exploring our sport.