Canberra, Australia launch Walking Hockey.

We have been working with Peter Shands from Central Hockey Club, Canberra, to help them launch Walking Hockey. Read how Peter and his colleagues got on

”Good morning Alan,

Thank you so much for your encouragement and for your reply.
In answer to your question … yes we are planning regular competition/programs in 2020.
Thank you again for your assistance in helping Central Hockey Club “launch” Walking Hockey in Canberra Australia.
Our Walking Hockey event on Friday 13th of December was as essentially  a trial run incorporated in our Christmas social event. Unfortunately we were only able to offer a few weeks notice and we had very limited dates available to us and sadly that Friday is very popular for work Christmas parties.
So we were in fact delighted we had 4 teams playing 5 a side plus subs for each teams.
We played a round robin competition between the “Shanstars”, ”Rob’s Rabbits”, ”Williams Wagtails” and ”The Owls”. “Wagtails” (an Aussie bird) won by 1 point. Players ranged from 67 to 7 years old and included some of our first grade men’s and women’s players and also some first timers. One other great thing was the level of family participation.
You can tell from the smiles that everyone had a great time and really enjoyed themselves … wish we had got a video! All the feedback was really positive … no injuries though we all thought shin pads would be a wise addition for the coming season. Everyone had close to an hour’s exercise and plenty of laughs.
Again … thanks so much for your encouragement and assistance Alan. We look forward to hearing more about what is happening in Walking Hockey World and we will keep you informed from our end.
Happy Christmas to you all.
Cheers for now and thanks again.”

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