Day 4 & 5 – Flying and the Radio (again)

Tuesday morning saw us waving goodbye to the amazing new hockey friends we have made in Dubai. They want us to send a team over so get saving, juniors and walkers.

Our flight to Auckland took just over fifteen hours, quite a challenge that was, made easier by meeting up with some New Zealand sports stars – a team from the men’s 7 a side rugby tournament who had been playing in France and the ladies World Cup kayak team who had been out in Portugal. Of course I managed to tell them all about Walking Hockey too!

After settling into the hotel and grabbbing a bite to eat we were just settling down to sleep (been up for 30 hours) when my mobile rang. And a minute later I found myself talking live to BBC Hereford & Worcester who wanted an update on the trip. They are absolutely brilliant the way they keep checking in to see how things are going. I think that’s the seventh time now.

Tomorrow promises to be very interesting as we are spending it talking to people at the HQ of Hockey New Zealand, but more of that tomorrow.

Even our Emirates plane had a sporty theme with footballers from Paris St German featured on the fuselage.

3 thoughts on “Day 4 & 5 – Flying and the Radio (again)

  1. Hi Alan and Sarah following you with great interest and really pleased to know things are going so well and Walking Hockey is being so well received. Looks like you’ve been fortunate to meet some really lovely people and rubbing shoulders with celebrity sports stars on the way. Magical. You’re doing a great job.



  2. Great to know your trip is proving so successful. Keep spreading the word. Hope your sleep patterns catch up with you soon. Keep the reports coming.


  3. Switched on BBC Hereford & Worcester radio in the car this morning on the drive into work and found myself listening to a familiar voice live from New Zealand! Sounds like the trip has been a great success so far and going strong. Try to get up the Sky Tower if you have time!


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