Day 6 – Hockey New Zealand


Day 6 dawned with a sunny Auckland morning and an email request for another BBC Radio interview, this time with the Saturday Sports Show.

After a quick hotel room change due to local noise (which got us a free breakfast) we headed by taxi to meet with two members of the Hockey NZ staff, Jack and Rachel. We handed them their limited edition number 2 signed Walking Hockey shirt and pennant which they seemed impressed with.

We then spent the whole day talking hockey matters including of course Walking Hockey. There are a lot of similarities with the way hockey is run and organised in NZ but also some significant differences so it was a great learning process for all of us. Jack and Rachel are really great folks which made the meeting even better.

The Walking Hockey part of our presentation went very well and Rachel is looking to get it going in NZ which is brilliant so thanks everyone back in the U.K. for your part in making it a success with your support and participation.

We also learned about Renegade Hockey (you’re going to love this in the U.K.) and the NZ version of Beach Hockey so we’ve lots to share when we get back. They also have a really great process for getting schools to play more hockey.



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