Day 3 – Dubai Loves Walking Hockey And so does India, South Africa and Belgium!

Today was our first chance to Walk the Walk with the Dubai Hockey family.

After a 52nd floor lunch at the Marriott Observatory restaurant as a thank you to our host Annie ( ex England Ladies) we went off to Kent College, a twin of Kent School, Canterbury. Our talk was given in a huge auditorium and after some technical hiccups we were able to present to them a feel of how our club is growing and how it is becoming more successful using the Golden Thread coaching ideals of England Hockey. We also showed them Ann’s Walking Hockey video by way of introduction.

Then it was outside to give a coaching session in the 35 degree Dubai evening.

We began with some small sided games which they loved then split the juniors off from the adult group. The juniors played more small sided games and the adults got to grips with Walking Hockey. And they all loved it.

There is a now a determination to launch Walking Hockey here and significant interest from South Africa, Belgium and India too.

Sarah is feeling rightly proud of herself having played tonight with ex England and ex Belgium international players!

Walking Hockey – who’d have imagined it!

Day 4 of the blog will take a while to appear as we will be flying to Auckland tomorrow, a 17 hour flight, but we will update you when we get there.

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