Day 14 – Cairns Hockey Association Presentation

Today’s main event was our presentation to the Cairns Hockey Association. The association caters for over 1500 players across four clubs with lots of schools feeding into the system too. Our presentation was attended by David McNeil, Regional Coaching Director, Presidents from two of the clubs and representatives from the others. We were even filmed presenting Walking Hockey so that awareness can be spread as widely as possible.

The presentation was very warmly received and promoted some great discussions about the excellent opportunities it gives for greater hockey participation in the region across all age and social groupings.

1 thought on “Day 14 – Cairns Hockey Association Presentation

  1. I’m so pleased your presentations are being so well received and you’re meeting some really interesting and enthusiastic people. The pictures offer a real insight into how highly hockey is recognised as a sport – and to play in sunshine is a real bonus. Can’t guarantee that here though! Thank you for updates. Love them.


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