New Daytime Walking Hockey joined by Walking Football

As the first step in the growth of our Walking Sports offerings in Bromsgrove we are adding 2 new sessions – Daytime Walking Football and Daytime Walking Hockey. These will be held at Bromsgrove Cricket  Hockey and Tennis Club – details in the photo below. We hope to add Walking versions of tennis and cricket by the Spring of 2020 with further sports to follow.


2 thoughts on “New Daytime Walking Hockey joined by Walking Football

  1. Hallo there, very interested in football or any walking sports. Could you please send me the details, I live in the Bromsgrove area.
    Happy new year, many thanks.


    • Hi David. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
      We have the following:
      Monday evening Walking Hockey,7.30pm, Bromsgrove Cricket Hockey & Tennis Club
      Walking Netball 10am Ryland Centre
      Walking Football 11am Ryland Centre
      Walking Hockey 10.30am Ryland Centre
      Walking Basketball (starts 27/2) Noon Ryland Centre

      If I can be of further assistance please email me


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