Catch Up!

It’s  been a long time since we were able to update our site so here are a few highlights:

1. The world’s first Walking Hockey Festival was held over Easter and we won it!

20E3311B-1466-4357-A55D-0EAF15A3D51B2. Our next major event was when we were invited to take part in the 2018 Hockey for Heroes Operation Endure . The event, at Old Sils Hockey Club raised £1500.

72633CD5-84F9-4BB9-A0B2-3786BD6ECA373. We have also entertained visitors from Colwall Hockey Club who will be starting their own Walking Hockey group soon.

4. Our own group continues every Monday 7-8pm.

5. Our worldwide presence continues to grow at an amazing rate with 35 countries now exploring our sport.

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