Day 19 – Meetings, meetings

This is our last but one day of our trip and we had two major meetings to do.

We began the day at the Victoria State Hockey and Netball Centre in the Melbourne suburbs. We met Sash who is the General Manager. He gave us a tour of the fantastic facility and told us about the social hockey offerings they provide. He had been updated on Walking Hockey via our meeting with Hockey Australia on Tuesday.

We then had a quick trip to the coast and to Just Hockey, the largest hockey retailer in Australia.


In the evening we went to Footscray HC. They have two pitches plus a warm up area and  a large clubhouse, amazing facilities. We gave our Walking Hockey presentation to their Board and it went very well indeed . As with everyone we have met on this trip they were great people and we had some very interesting discussions.

They are keen to be our twin club in Australia.

1 thought on “Day 19 – Meetings, meetings

  1. I’ve just been catching up on the last few days of your blog and wow, you’ve both been mightily busy. Incredible to see how much you’ve done and achieved in under three weeks. We’re all proud of you back here in the Midlands!


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