Day 12 – A look at the Coast, Masters Hockey, MP’s and Thank You


Today we had a free morning so we took a trip up the coast for about 20 miles. Gorgeous beaches to be exploited had we the time!

This afternoon we went to the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association and spent some time watching some chaps play hockey. They were all seniors who played Masters. We had a chat with a lovely gentleman called Keith who told us about their group and then we told him about Walking Hockey and our trip. He asked for links to videos so I gave him our website address. I was invited to play but as Keith is an international Masters player I politely declined.

Keith, if you like what you see you can contact me on

This evening we saw the Facebook page of Steve Dickson MP, Australian Federal Government. It endorsed Walking Hockey!

We also took Nate out for a meal to thank him for arranging our stay and presentation on the Sunshine Coast. Everyone here is very excited about Walking Hockey and with Nate driving it I’m sure it’s going to be a huge success.





1 thought on “Day 12 – A look at the Coast, Masters Hockey, MP’s and Thank You

  1. Hi Alan and Sarah

    Still keeping tuned in to what you’re up to. Clearly Walking Hockey is being really well received; thank you for all your efforts you are both doing a terrific job 👍

    Fondest regards



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