Day 7 – Part 2 Old friends, new friends and the FIH

After our media duties were over we met up with Lynne, an old school friend, who we hadn’t seen for over forty years. She lives just outside Auckland and took us on a tour of the coastal suburbs, and a very nice time we had too.


Lynne dropped us off at Hockey NZ’s offices where we met up with Ken, Rachel and Jack again. Rachel is responsible, amongst other things, for growing Adult Participation in NZ whilst Jack does a similar role for juniors and young people. We also met Ken again, who is their boss.


We then went to the local pub for a meeting, yes really, with Manoj and Callum. Manoj is Head of Auckland Hockey, the largest Association in NZ with over 10,000 players. Manoj is a very senior figure in hockey and has excellent contacts across the world. He was really excited by Walking Hockey and has recommended us to the FIH, hockey’s world governing body. He has also put us in contact with senior figures in Spain and another contact in NZ. Another excellent day in the crazy world of Walking Hockey. We even treated ourselves to a drink 😉


1 thought on “Day 7 – Part 2 Old friends, new friends and the FIH

  1. Really enjoying reading about your trip down under. Good to hear that everyone is taking such an interest in walking hockey. Maybe a future olympic sport?!! Hope you are enjoying the trip & managing some sleep despite the media calls.


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