Crowdfunding Appeal launched

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Walking Hockey has rapidly gained international interest. Now we have been invited to discuss it with and train people in Australia, New Zealand and Dubai. We will be holding wide ranging meetings with Board members and other senior personnel and attending coaching sessions too.

The agenda includes:

How to attract and keep people in the sport for longer and what benefits this will bring to those who play. Walking Hockey has a major role to play in this.

As above for Juniors plus how do we keeping them in the teen years

Study coaching practices and content in the markets to identify best in class

Set up twinning with clubs, associations etc., for future player and coach exchange, team visits and, more generally, form a social environment so that anyone we know who visits the areas can have a friendly face and a point of contact when they visit.

We have to find £5000. This is obviously a major task but we feel the benefits to those that take up the sport significantly outweigh this cost.

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