Bromsgrove Walking Sports Centre growing incredibly well

24B87693-46DE-43BC-A69B-6F7E9979B61026A96224-BA97-477B-8C9B-F9A4060B2EC8A25CB5F4-3BF7-4684-AAF7-49F409E31AA743095DDC-DD6B-4D49-A249-77BDFF3BF7D3CLARIFY LOGO EXTRA v2.keyThe evolution of Bromsgrove’s once a week evening Walking Hockey session into a full grown Walking Sports Centre continues apace.

After successful pilot programmes of daytime Walking Football and Walking Hockey both were added to the regular rota. Daytime Walking Football is on Wednesdays (11.00am) and daytime Walking Hockey is on Thursdays (10.30am).

Now we have Walking Netball opening their pilot on Wednesday 29th January, 10am at the Ryland Centre Bromsgrove . This is to be followed by a pilot Walking Basketball programme beginning on Thursday 27 February, Noon at the Ryland Centre Bromsgrove.

And if that’s not enough there’s Women’s Walking Football starting in the Spring alongside Walking Cricket.